Welcome Reader!

Welcome to The Biotech Blog! This blog, ran by Hanif Zaman, details his experiences in the world of Biotechnology, microbiology, organic chemistry, and more. Please feel free to explore the website; I put a lot of time into learning how to get everything to run as smoothly as possible, so it'd be a waste if every element were to go unnoticed.

My Story

As anyone who's known me at school, I really love to talk about what I've learned in my biotechnology class. Whether someone was interested in biology or not, I would go on and on about the newest thing I learned in class. One day, while on a Discord call with a good friend of mine, I was given the idea to make a blog to document all that I've learned (which may have been a way to escape my constant lecturing, but I digress). At first I was hesitant since I wasn't the best at journaling and barely knew how to manage an online space. But with the help of friends and plenty of online documentation, this new site came into existance.


I post every Sunday by the end of the day! This is subject to variablity however since I'm quite a busy student. If there is every a deviation from the normal schedule, expect to see and update post! There may occasionally be a maintenance update, which takes the whole site down, but those instances will also be notified a day in advanced.

A photo of me in the stock room after completing inventory!