Welcome to The Biotech Blog!

"You live in intimate association with bacteria, and you couldn’t survive without them." — Bonnie Bassler, Molecular Biologist

 I made this blog as a way to write about my experiences while learning about Biotechnology and Organic Chemistry in high school. This site is hosted on my own Raspberry Pi with a domain I bought (which is quite a feat for a less tech-savvy individual like myself), so I don't have to pay $14 a month. As this blog grows, the information within it will grow too and may soon be citable for an aspiring scientist. As of now, however, it remains my outlet to the vast world (and also as a tool to indirectly improve my writing ability). If you want to learn more about me, check out my Author page.

 This site is dedicated to all the science teachers that have encouraged me to pursue my dreams. To Ms. Kellett, Ms. Bliss, Ms. Phillips, Dr. Deason, and Dr. Cody: thank you for your dedication to educating the new generation of scientists. I would like to also thank Sawyer Shepherd for inspiring me and guiding me to the creation of this site. Check out his blog here for posts about CS and Cyber Security! If you enjoy my blog, please bookmark it and check back every once in a while!