April 24, 2022

BeyondWords and Summer Break

This week, I decided to add a new feature to all future blog posts: TTS! This will hopefully make my blog more accessible to anyone who wishes to read my content. To be able to do this, I am using BeyondWord's free plan and integrated it into my website. If my blog picks up enough steam one day, I may invest in a paid plan (however, I'll keep my site as low-budget as possible since I'm still a high schooler). I hope you as a reader (or now listener) enjoy this feature!

Also, for the summer, I will be taking a break from writing posts. This is so I can focus on my finals, AP exams, and simply relax. I apologize to any of my 7 active readers and wish you the best of luck if you are also preparing for finals week!

-Hanif Zaman