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Extended Break (I'm not gone forever)!

Hello! I'll be taking an extended break from blogging and temporarily putting a greater focus on my education as the year slowly approaches a close. My blog will most likely be active once

Bacteria Transformation

A quintessential skill that's often utilized for industry application is bacterial transformation. The idea behind transformation is to give a strain of bacteria a gene to express, allowing us to have, in essence,

SDS-PAGE Crash Course

Long ago, when I took the applications course for biotechnology, we learned about protein analysis. Similar to DNA analysis, analyzing proteins consists of looking at the order of amino acids. Proteins, however, pose

Magnet Open House

Welcome 8th Graders to the Biotechnology/DNA & Genetics Research/AP Biology Room (we do a lot)! I hope you enjoy your stay! Feel free to check out my blog to see some cool

Fall Break

Hey everyone! With college applications due soon, I'll be taking this fall break to focus on making sure I present my best self. I'll also be spending some time perfecting my manuscript for